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I have uploaded my photo I took during my trip to Canberra. That times, I joined a local bus tour from Sydney to Canberra. Mainly, I visited Parliament House, War Memorial, and National Museum of Australia.

Click here to visit my travel album.

As a part of websites upgrade projects, my personal homepage,, got upgraded. It got a new logo, the latest Joomla CMS, and a new template. Today, I updated my IT Blog, ITBlogs.Info, too. It got a new skin. In the past, it got two separated skins for Mobile and desktop. Now, it has a responsive skin. We have a single skin both for Mobile and desktop. I believe this change can improve the search engine ranking. And I wish you will like it too!

Our creative team designed a new logo for me. I love it; that is fresh and clean. Although that looks like a fashion designer rather than a tech guy, that is what I want. I told the designer makes a logo more stylish.

Recently, I have re-installed a new version of Joomla for my homepage. Unforntantly, the most of the components are ancient version; that is not working with the new Joomla. I have re-entered the data. Now, I copied some photo albums across. 

Finally, I got some free time to upload the photo I took during the trip from Okinawa.