Umeda - A good place to stay

Last month, we traveled to Osaka. Initially, we planned to stay in Shinsaibashi, where is the famous shopping spot in Osaka.  However, a friend reminded us it is too crowded. He recommended Umeda, and he said that it is a more decent suburb to stay. I accepted his recommendations. Thus, we stayed at Umeda. I like it. The streets are clear. Most of the people I saw in this suburb looks like white-collar people.

Moreover, there are a lot of nice restaurants around too. Also, there is excellent shopping, a lot of department stores are in this area, such as Hankyu Department Store and Hanshin Department Store. For transports, that is good.  Umeda got the stations of JR West, Hankyu Railway, Hanshin Electric Railway, and Osaka Metro. I highly recommend staying in Umeda.