Salt Ice-cream - Okinawa

Ice cream should be sweet! There should be plenty of sugar. But Okinawa has a unique of Ice cream. Its selling point is added salt. This is a salty ice cream.  That is because Okinawa is formed a set of islands. You can imagine there are a plenty of ocean, therefore a lot of sea water.  Many Many years ago, Okinawa people evaporated sea water to make salt. That become the great goods from Okinawa. That is the reason, a lot of shops make Ice cream with their ocean salt! 

I bought a cup of ice cream from a store in Kokusai Dori Street. I like that. Although ice cream added sea salt, I still tasted that is sweet, just less sweet. That was amusing, sweet is mixed with salty.  That is so unique. So you must try it if you visit Okinawa.

Tax-Free Logo Japan

In Japan, there are 8% Sales Tax. If you buy anythings, you need to pay 8% top of the price tag. But if you are a tourist, you do not need to pay sales tax for any goods you bring back to your home. Remember you any goods you use in Japan. 

If you spend more than 5,000 Yen in a single store with the Tax-Free Logo and within a single day, you won't need to pay tax.  There should be a counter in the store to process the tax return. According to our experience in a Japan Trip early this year, that is simple:

1. We go to the tax return counter; please present the receipts and our passbook. 

2. Then the staff will stick the receipts in our passbook and seal the goods we just bought with a bag. Please do not break the seal before you leave Japan. This is to make sure you won't use it or give it to someone in Japan.  The items are tax-free, because you will bring them oversea.

3. Finally, the staff gave you the refund for tax or process the final payment without tax

4. When you leave Japan, the customs officers will take the receipts of the tax-free items. Moreover, they may check whether the items you bought are still in a sealed bag. So, last times, we put all of those items in our hand-carry. 

That is not hard!

As a part of websites upgrade projects, my personal homepage,, got upgraded. It got a new logo, the latest Joomla CMS, and a new template. Today, I updated my IT Blog, ITBlogs.Info, too. It got a new skin. In the past, it got two separated skins for Mobile and desktop. Now, it has a responsive skin. We have a single skin both for Mobile and desktop. I believe this change can improve the search engine ranking. And I wish you will like it too!

Okinawa Cup Noodle

I got a habit I will try their local cup noodle for each place I visited. Last times, when I visited Okinawa, I bought a cup noodle from the AOEN supermarket. It tasted good. The noodle is Okinawa style Ramen, which is very different from Japanese style. That is white and more flatten.  That is similar with I had in restaurants in Okinawa. Moreover, the soup base is clearer, which is not different from Miso. Lastly, there were many local vegetables. That is not bad. I love this cup noodle.

Recently, I have re-installed a new version of Joomla for my homepage. Unforntantly, the most of the components are ancient version; that is not working with the new Joomla. I have re-entered the data. Now, I copied some photo albums across. 

I like Shuri Castle in Okinawa, although that is the real palace of the Ryūkyū Kingdom, which is a reconstructed copy. According to Wikipedia, the original one is almost destroyed during the second world war. It looks beautiful and can show the royal family life.  Moreover, there is an exhibition to show the history of Okinawa and the king life.  That is very very informative. Besides, the scenic from there looks beautiful too.

I love there. That is a must visit spot in Okinawa.

Our creative team designed a new logo for me. I love it; that is fresh and clean. Although that looks like a fashion designer rather than a tech guy, that is what I want. I told the designer makes a logo more stylish.

I have uploaded my photo I took during my trip to Canberra. That times, I joined a local bus tour from Sydney to Canberra. Mainly, I visited Parliament House, War Memorial, and National Museum of Australia.

Click here to visit my travel album.

Finally, I got some free time to upload the photo I took during the trip from Okinawa.