I like Shuri Castle in Okinawa, although that is the real palace of the Ryūkyū Kingdom, which is a reconstructed copy. According to Wikipedia, the original one is almost destroyed during the second world war. It looks beautiful and can show the royal family life.  Moreover, there is an exhibition to show the history of Okinawa and the king life.  That is very very informative. Besides, the scenic from there looks beautiful too.

I love there. That is a must visit spot in Okinawa.

I have uploaded my photo I took during my trip to Canberra. That times, I joined a local bus tour from Sydney to Canberra. Mainly, I visited Parliament House, War Memorial, and National Museum of Australia.

Click here to visit my travel album.

Our creative team designed a new logo for me. I love it; that is fresh and clean. Although that looks like a fashion designer rather than a tech guy, that is what I want. I told the designer makes a logo more stylish.

As a part of websites upgrade projects, my personal homepage, MichaelLeung.info, got upgraded. It got a new logo, the latest Joomla CMS, and a new template. Today, I updated my IT Blog, ITBlogs.Info, too. It got a new skin. In the past, it got two separated skins for Mobile and desktop. Now, it has a responsive skin. We have a single skin both for Mobile and desktop. I believe this change can improve the search engine ranking. And I wish you will like it too!

Finally, I got some free time to upload the photo I took during the trip from Okinawa.

Recently, I have re-installed a new version of Joomla for my homepage. Unforntantly, the most of the components are ancient version; that is not working with the new Joomla. I have re-entered the data. Now, I copied some photo albums across.